Welcome to my blog!  My name is Alex.  I seek to be your number one place for “Lifestyles” and dating advice, reviews and recommendations places to visit in the Northeastern New Jersey/New York City area  All of the places I recommend are good for budgets. I also aim to make all the places I review to be easily accessible by public transportation. I hope you enjoy!

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Coming from personal experience, I want to prove that you don’t need a lot of money or a car to have a date with your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse while living in the suburbs of Northeastern New Jersey.

Both my girlfriend and I have some difficulties in life. Both of us are low income. Both of us are unable to drive. But both of us also enjoy going on dates. I turned 30 recently and even though my girlfriend is older than me, she is new to the whole idea of dating.  That does not stop us though from having a good time together and making moments special.

Sometimes I might give advice on restaurants, music venues, or other places to visit on a budget and without excessive hassle on public transportation. Sometimes I can share recipes from various sources that you can share with your loved one, or non-traditional date ideas.

All Rights Reserved, Alexander “Alex” Higgs.

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